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VBA Distribution Problems?

Tens of thousands of people around the world use VBA everyday to automate tasks in their Microsoft Office Applications. While these VBA macros can be extremely powerful for the users who know how to execute them, what most VBA users seem to struggle with is how to distribute their macros to their co-workers, managers, or the general public.

So what goes into a well distributed add-in application? Well, there’s the VBA code (which most people seem to understand) but there is also graphic design work and Ribbon user-interface (UI) coding that when thrown into the mix, makes your application easy to use and understand. This is where the pain-point exists for most of us self-taught VBA coders out there.

After years of creating VBA add-ins used by analysts and companies around the world, I decided something needed to be done to make life easier for the masses. Most people who use VBA aren’t computer programmers. In fact, I myself am a financial analyst by trade and didn’t study a lick of computer programming in school.

So how could I make it easy for all of us users who are self-taught and don’t have time searching the internet for all the pieces to the puzzle? The solution I came up with was to create a dynamic VBA add-in template that you can literally paste in your VBA macros and manage the Ribbon UI and icons directly within the comforts of VBA.

Let me introduce you to my custom package of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word VBA add-in templates simply called…..My First Add-in!

What’s Included?

  • Templates for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word add-ins
  • Create over 150 buttons including drop-down menus, split buttons, and launcher buttons
  • Ability to manipulate all buttons dynamically through VBA – It’s already written for you!
  • Access to thousands of Microsoft’s icons
  • Add screentips to let your users know what specifically your buttons do
  • Online Course to teach you more advanced techniques (Developer Pack ONLY)

Online Course Lessons


Accessing The Ribbons XML Code

Description: You’ll learn the free programs you can download to gain access to the code that creates your add-in’s Ribbon Interface


Understanding XML Code

Description: Learn how to read the XML coding structure and make modifications to your Ribbon interface


Creating Unique Add-in IDs

Description: You’ll learn how to quickly generate unique IDs, allowing you to make as many add-ins as your heart desires


Modifying The XML Code

Description: You’ll learn how to change the XML code to create any user interface you can think up. The possibilities will be endless!


Inserting Your Own Icons

Description: You’ll learn how to load in your own icons and about key properties to look out for when searching for your own images


Prepping For Distribution

Description: You’ll learn how to put the final touches on your add-in such as copyright information, add-in descriptions, and how to send your finished product out to your users


Protecting Your Add-ins

Description: You’ll learn how to professionally protect your VBA code so your hard work doesn’t get stolen or copied


Creating Custom Icons

Description: You’ll learn how easy it can be to create your own Ribbon graphics and the tools I have found useful over the years

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Online Mini-Course



Only includes the Online Course

  • Online Course – Make Unlimited & More Customized Add-ins!
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Developer Pack



Includes the Templates & Online Course

  • 3 Excel Add-in Files
  • 3 PowerPoint Add-in Files
  • 3 Word Add-in Files
  • Online Course – Make Unlimited & More Customized Add-ins!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my own icons into the Ribbon UI?

Using your own custom icons requires a few manual steps that could not be carried out by VBA alone. With My First Add-in you will only be allowed to use Microsoft’s library of icons (in which there are hundreds to choose from). However, if you purchase the Developer Pack, I do show you how to load your own icons into your add-in’s Ribbon.

Why Can't I Simply Just Buy the Pioneer Pack and make 2 copies?

Each add-in has to use  unique IDs within it’s XML code. So simply copying an add-in will maintain those same unique Ribbon IDs.  The Hero Pack contains 3 My First Add-in templates that have their own individual IDs, allowing you to run them all at the same time within your Office Application. With the Developer Pack I show you how to create new IDs so you don’t risk sharing IDs with another person’s add-in and can essentially create as many add-ins as you want.

Can I Distribute My Add-in Creations?

You most certainly can! However, if you are planning to do a large distribution or even sell your creation, I would recommend purchasing the Developer Pack so you can ensure your add-in creations have truly unique IDs and don’t have trouble running alongside other add-ins your users might have installed. WHAT YOU MAY NOT DO is resell the template itself. That is my only restriction.

How Do I Protect My VBA Code When I Distribute It?

You can use the built-in VBA Project password protection but I DO NOT recommend this as it can be easily bypassed. I use a software called Unviewable+ to protect all my VBA add-ins. I go into a little more detail on this program at the bottom of this page and in the course provided within the Developer Pack.

Am I allowed to return this product?

Because there is no way for me to disable or physically take back this product, I am NOT ALLOWING any refunds on this particular product unless you can show proof that the product is not compatible with your system for some reason. If you are having technical issues I will do my best to work with you to get them resolved.